sorry for the inevitable, white bread enquiry

i sussed the concept of the frustrum independently and devised my preferred 3d to 2d projection (got it jotted somewhere.. it alleviates the distortion of object in the corners to some degree) but i've had a jolly bad time securing free resources for learning 3d graphics. it's one of those things i've assailed many times.

i can do the point and wireframes, but when i dream about solids i don't seem to devise anything that doesn't seem prohibitively expensive.

if someone has a good paid source i'd appreciate the reference.

searching resources usually avails very sketchy and incomplete information

petzold's book? i hope there's something, anything else.. i think i'm allergic to the way he can type (i'd like to change that for him. 'programming for windows' was one of the most malicious acts against mankind i've witnessed, and i've seen people blown up).

found this:

still going through it and doubtful that the focus on java will retain communicability.

so, how do other people learn to do all the things that other people do, and how can i be like them?