Abandoned Railway Station

This module includes a cut away of the train station and rail cars with roof overlays allowing the Game Master to reveal the inner areas when the Player Characters near them or enter them.
This location is perfect for many different modern adventures.

The Player Characters may be hired to get the old train station back from squatters or gangers living there. In this case, the rooftops and the water tower make excellent places for snipers and lookouts, with the Player Characters using debris and other objects as cover to avoid detection and snipers. The station and railcars are excellent spots for firefights likely requiring the Player Characters to clear out the buildings one at a time, then use that building as a staging area to take the next one.

Perhaps the Player Characters have been hired to investigate what really happened with the murder so many years ago and the quick sale by the owners of the train station. Maybe they need to get to the train station and work quickly to get it powered back up and jury rig a railcar to escape town likely with the local law in pursuit.

You can either print it out with our easy to print instructions or use in any VTT software.

This map product is a full-color, 48 x 30 inch, Abandoned Station. The ZIP file includes VTT images for your online gaming needs. All the roofs are in .png format for individual placement