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    Default May 2012 Entry: Lost Dwarven Civilization

    Ok, I have no idea if this is going to turn out but my main goal honestly is that I need this for a gaming session. Hopefully, it won't suck I wish I could attempt water-coloring the whole thing but it's in my sketchpad so the paper won't handle much abuse. I do have an idea I may try but we'll see about that later. As you can see the by the grey strip down the center if I don't do something it's going to look dumb. I could use a razor and slice the pages out but I really don't like to rip things out of my sketch book. I may ink this if the scans won't come out. Lastly, why does the scan come out huge compared to the actual paper size? This thing is like 3 times the size of the original. I had to shrink it down. Yet another reason I want to get my tablet!

    I needed to get this posted or I would surely waffle until the challenge was over and I know the more people in the ring the more fun it is for everyone so here goes.

    Oh, one last thing, any labels are just my quick scribbles to remind of things later. I will certainly be erasing those and writing them with my awesome printing skills

    ### Latest WIP ###
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