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Thread: Realistic post-apocalyptic Nova Scotia

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    Default Realistic post-apocalyptic Nova Scotia

    Hiya! My name's Marit, and I'm hoping to pay someone to create a beautiful addition to our on-board concept-/RP art collection over at

    We are an advanced play-by-post post-apocalyptic werecanine RPG set in Nova Scotia, and I thought that it'd be very cool to have a more artistic map for our game, in addition to the one we use to show various population groups on the board. It'd essentially be a bauble for us, something neat to add to our art collection. This site has already taught me a lot but I am impatient and some of these maps just look amazing, so I ended up here in requests :)

    What I'm looking for
    I'm looking for someone to make us a detailed, realistic scenery map of post-apocalyptic Nova Scotia. It would depict landscape (mountains & rivers, as well as forests and ruin cities) (approximately) as they would appear after 30 years with no human life. I have some more details for anyone interested. The apocalypse itself was an epidemic, meaning that there would be natural decay, but not damage from any war. This is our current map, and shows the area in question - the highlighted stuff, but including the islands in the dark would also be great. The bit north of Halycon Mountain is (in our universe) somewhat charred, as it suffered an extensive forest fire just three years ago. The linked map is for our members to see all the different subterritories in our RP universe, but the map I have in mind from here is more like a gift from me to my community and a neat bauble for us to show off. The main starting point for the map would be current modern maps of Nova Scotia, or 1980s maps of Nova Scotia.

    I love both "old"/traditional looking maps, like "flat" fantasy book maps such as this one and maps that are in full color and have more dimension and realism like this one. Really though, I'm not very picky (I think).

    Quality & Size
    I would love a map that looks as professional as possible, depending on the price range.
    We'll be using it on the web only.
    Dimensions: Higher resolution = better. No lower resolution than our current map, which is 1294x950 pixels.
    We don't mind a raster or vector image, but I suppose a vector is easier to resize so could be v. handy. But either works.

    Time Constraints
    None :D This is a gift and I have all the time in the world.

    (Not sure I understand this point right, but:) We'd keep it on our site, and we'd like for it to be exclusively for us. We have a large artist community and thus highly value web artists' rights to their work, and wouldn't at all mind allowing the artist to keep their copyright on the art, either visibly in a signature, with a reference link (or other way of crediting) -- or both. We would never use it commercially, and would not want anyone else doing so either -- including the artist (portfolios are fine, though). We might want to be able to use it for our site as a graphic (f.ex. in a banner, as a cool texture, or otherwise in graphic pieces for the site), depending on how much that would cost. I guess that's a minor editing right of some sort.

    I have no idea how much something like this should cost, and I'm a bit hesitant to suggest something in case I offend someone. But please poke me and we can figure something out? I have a paypal account I could use, and I could also pay by credit card via other services if you can provide a safe invoice.

    Contact Details
    Marit (this is my first post here, so PM won't work)
    maritsouls ---- at ----

    Thanks for reading! :)

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    This sounds like a fascinating project! Best of luck in finding an artist

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