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    It is more of an offer than a request. I am a player (not a creator or anything) of an old strategy game called Visual-Utopia. What I would like to offer you is a map competition for that game. You could draw a map and if administration and community agrees it would be used for playing. It has been a long time since the map was updated, but recently game creator decided that every era (match) map would change. This is a great opportunity to implement a few new maps and maybe change game development course (it is an old game, but has been changed a lot). Your mapping skills might serve a nice purpose here and might be an opportunity to realize yourselves. :)

    Check the game out to be more sure what I am talking about.
    [direct link]

    Some mapping guidelines:
    • Only mountains, rivers (with bridges), lakes, forests and fields.
    • Should be recurrent so it could be repeated in x and y axis.
    • No islands. All land should be reachable.
    • Some passages should be small so it could be blocked with a blocker town (see example, screenshots)
    • 2500x2500 pixels exactly

    Current Map

    Old Map, sometimes still in use

    [Very old map]
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