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Thread: On Overworld Map (first Map)

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    Wip On Overworld Map (first Map)

    This is my first map, and it is an overworld one.

    I created it using GIMP and following a number of the tutorials on this site
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Name:	BelloriaMap-no-ruins-wip.png 
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    Congratulations on completing your first map Gogal! Overall looks pretty good. One suggestion for next time might be to try to create a more gradual elevation rise from the lowlands to highlands (blending the mountains into the surrounding terrain. Otherwise, looks pretty good.


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    It looks nice.

    I don't know which software you are using, but maybe you could try bumping the flat ground a wee bit...

    What I'd do, (In Gimp) is to select the mountains, increase the size of the selection and paint it in white on a different layer. I would also had a few whitish region here and there. Then I would blur this layer and then make it invisible, and use it to bumpe the land layer (and I guess, the forest layer too).
    That way you would end up with a bit of gradual elevation surrounding the mountains...

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    I love the way that you varied the tree density throughout the map - some thick, some thin, and if I am not mistaken slightly different sizing as well. I agree with the other commenters, if you could add some "bump" to the ground, or some sort of texture, it will move it away from being so flat looking.
    I'd love to see the changes that you make!
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    Sorry if this is a dumb question - what do you mean by an "overworld map"? Do you mean viewed from above, an aerial view?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robulous View Post
    Sorry if this is a dumb question - what do you mean by an "overworld map"? Do you mean viewed from above, an aerial view?
    It's a term from video games. It means a map used for navigation between areas where the gameplay occurs. In Cartographer's Guild speak it would be roughly equivalent to "regional map", and in formal cartography speak it would generally be a "small scale reference map".

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