The Isle of Annwn; the realm of the sidhe. Some say it lies beyond the mists at the western edge of the westernmost ocean. Others say it is a land beneath the waves themselves. Still others say it rests beneath the very hills. The wise will tell you that Annwn is a place both near and far; as distant as the memory of lives long past, and yet as close as breathing. At the edge of twilight, you can almost touch it. Have you ever thought you saw something move in the corner of your eye, and when you looked it was gone? Those are the fae, the creatures of Annwn.

If you can find your way here, you will have to beware of the feuding courts of the Sidhe. The Seelie Court at Caer Fedwyd, full of pomp and elegance, much too aloof to concern themselves with mortals; and The Unseelie at Nennius, full of the rabble, fae interbred with anything and everything; twisted and hungry for mortal prey.

Yet the Sidhe are not the only ones who walk here: The Gray Host of the dead troops from their landing at the bay Cuan Mairbhe to the top of Tech Duinn, to Donn's Cauldron of Resurrection, where they will be given new life, and sent back into the world of the living. Gods too sometimes walk these lands, descending from the Wheel of Stars in Gwynvyd down into the castle of Caer Sidi.

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