Greetings friends,
I've been a member of since the mid 2000s, or at least lurking and viewing. I've recently upgraded my game room to include a projector, new laptop, extra monitor, and use of Maptool. Thus, it's time for me to share some of my finished maps. The designs are geared toward usability in tabletop roleplaying of the Pathfinder RPG game. I use my own world, adventures, and have loved drawing maps for my games since I started playing in 1983. Feel free to use them in your games, especially if you've got a similar set up. Enjoy.
-Pax Veritas

>First up is the Northtrail that runs from the edge of a border town northward toward a small barony. Along this trail, covered in snow, the adventurers come across a relative of a party member who is beset by a terrible frost worm. The trail runs left to right on the map for usability, as projections are rectangular, but the party is aware that north is either right or left, depending on the GM's campaign world.

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