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Thread: The EN World FREE Map Request Thread

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    Info The EN World FREE Map Request Thread

    If any Guild members what to practice their craft and help out their fellow gamer, I encourage you to visit The EN World FREE Map Request Thread.

    Currently, there are some new map requests for battlemaps and cities.

    I've done one map there already, and it was a great experience. I really enjoyed taking someone else's vision and bringing it to life. Plus, you get to try your hand at creating a map for something you have always wanted to experiment with but might not have a use for in your own games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravells View Post
    It would be quite nice if they could come here!
    I also referenced this Mapmaking Requests forum in that thread over at EN World.
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    I'll attest that Jaerdaph is a huge Guild advocate over at EN World. Thanks, Jaerdaph! You help a lot of people, all the time.
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    This might not be the appropriate thread, but am I wrong to assume that most in the guild only do work they are paid for?

    Or is it mostly city/battlegrid type maps that you are interested in doing? I've yet to receive a single offer/inquiry for drawing my world maps for my novel, which led me to speculate that the norm might be commissioning it.

    I mean no disrespect with this question, but I am merely curious, as I'm very, very new to the world of artists

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    While I would suspect that the (few) professionals here will only work for a commission, many of the hobbyists are not confident enough of themselves to commit to something as enthusiastic as a map for a novel. Or they are too busy

    I would suggest pm'ing a few authors who have posted maps you specifically like, and make a more personal request, if the general one is not getting interest.

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    I'm going to go with most of them being too busy...we're kinda double-booking all the regular contributers right now with the monthly contest and the CWBP.
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    I'd like to thank Jaerdaph for the plug. I've been a long time fan of the site, and lurker, but, my artistic talents are ... negli... negil...neglig... just damn bad.

    If anyone is interested, I'd love to see some battle scale maps of a jungle beach.

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    Yes. Although, not quite for my original plan. However, as a Scarlet Brotherhood encampment, it's perfect.

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