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Thread: Trying to make a world map...

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    Wip Trying to make a world map...

    So I suck at mapping, at least i think so. I'm really posting her to see what I've got wrong and/or what is alright thus far in my attempts. I'll try to explain what i've done and why i did this or that.

    Also because this is multiple big images please be mindful of my bandwidth ^.^ The file sizes are around 500kb and the big one is around 1.2mb

    First off I used donjon's fractal map generator giving me this...
    I am giving that first largely too give some more context to the main area i'm working on...
    It is 4000x2000 px map and 1px = 10km

    Next a probably not so important map to most... a wind map. the light blow overlay is the westernly wind bands and the non highlighted are the easternly wind bands. the red and blue arrow is just to help see which way the wind is going... this is all pretty much worthless though as a little research into meteorology indicates that the entire planet would be really rainy every where.
    1000x500 1px = 40km

    next is important to city placement. It's the general expansion of humans out of where they first were... This is in general and more or less sloppy. I have a more detailed one started, but the dates are unreadable when squeezed to this size and it's not too important so i chucked it.
    1000x500 1px = 40km

    Now... here's the more regional thing i've been working on...
    this is just a resize of the area i'm focusing on
    800x800 1px = 5km? (the rest are all this size)

    I through a few lines to help me keep in mine where the basins are likely to be for rivers...

    I drew a basic map of the political borders, generally following the idea that darker areas will likely have a river and those places are generally where political boundaries are placed and trying to keep to a around 250,000-500,000 km^2 area for each political region

    Then I put hex grids on the map (not on the image) and started drawing rivers based on the heights shown and the how it might flow from the high points, slightly forced to follow what i want. The rivers are drawn along the borders of hex lines mainly and areas that might be filled to make the river continue are shown as such. I took off the hex grid and made it so the color height thing is gone as it is easier to see that way in my opinion.

    The little red dots are cities. They are just placed where they would generally be. I'll likely move them closer to the rivers. The idea is that the center-ish city is a trade hub between several settlements. The one to the west. The north easter one from it is supposed to be a fishing city and the idea behind the trade route thing is that this is a central cross roads that has to be taken in and out of the area. The North western city, the west most city and the south most city are supposed to be sorta border military out posts that developed from settlements that grew from migration patterns. The city that is to the south east is supposed to be a college city possibly, established later on.

    Now do you think these are about the right positions and should there be more major cities and if so, about where should they go? Also do the rivers look ok

    Pre-someone saying something about the rivers pretty much connecting to the two side of the continent. I saw that, but the Basin allows for it if you have that northernly river between those two lakes feeding the eastern lake and it just happens that the terrain creates a lake on the western side of it. So physically i don't think it is a problem.
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