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    Hello there! I've just found this page and it struck me that this may be the place I've been looking for since my first days of writing.

    Yes, I am an amatuer writer and poet. Since four years, I'm working on my "universe-world-mythology-linguistic-etc... setup".

    After I have managed to create the mythology, the history, the theology, the races, the social structures, etc., the lacking of a trustworthy map loaded the dice against me. It is really make things hard, especially when you need the map of a giant continent.

    I'm planning my books to be constituted from 6 volumes. The sketch of the general story is done and I'm writing the first book at the moment. After a few days, I managed to draw a map on CC3, in which the first book takes place. But it looks like its from a fairytale, it's not realistic. I don't like it... neither the colours nor the icons...

    And even worse, this was the map of a single country, which is like a drop in the ocean. I want to make the map of the whole world. But no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to be able to do it. You see, although I'm somewhat good at writing, when it comes to the drawing, I always fail. It enrages me, because everything is all set up in my mind, but I just can't turn them into something I can actually see.

    Thus, when I find this site, I immediately got an account and became a member. I see that there are many talented artists here, who can help me with my "quest".

    As much as I want to pay for the map and get rid of all this headache, (as I said before) I am just an amateur writer and I don't even know if the book is going to be published. This means I'm broke, pennyless, but burning with enthuisasm and irresistable urge to create! And that's all I need. (...but I wouldn't mind having a few thousand dollars/euros)

    So I've already written too much, but when it comes to the writing I guess I can't stop.

    Greetings again to all.
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