Hi everyone,
Finally had some time to do work on some mapping techniques. This is more a 'Techniques in Progress' than a WIP and would only be possible due to the tutorials and techniques explained through this guild. Thank you!!
My plan is to map a desert region of a low fantasy world.
Attached is two maps that I'm practicing techniques on, as i am very new to digital mapping and have no artistic ability. I would greatly appreciate any feedback about any techniques used or even just the overall style.
To describe the TIP maps:
Small Desert Fort
At the top, from left to right, is a rocky outcropping area; then sparse semi-arid vegetation; then a small farm with an outside oven, flat-topped roof house, small coral for animals and an irrigated date palm grove; then a gravel desert area; under is a fort (this was actually made first and needs a lot of work). Under this is a few stone platforms (discussed below).

Wadi and Irrigation
This map is only background texture, plus two features. Firstly a small irrigated farm with date palms and some low plants. At the bottom is the end of a wadi (i.e. dry riverbed).

In particular I would like help with a few matters if anyone has suggestions.
1. The house in the small farm. I'm not happy with it. It would do the job, but just doesn't seem to look right.
2. Connected with the above, how do people make small stairs? This is one I found on the web and just reduced to the right size.
3. The larger water channels. They are meant to be man made, but just don't look very good.
4. Below the fort are a few stone platform textures i have also found on the web. I want ot make them the edge of a quay/dock for the canal that will go past the fort. I just don't know how to do this well. Does anyone know how to make a stone block texure follow the paint brush but keep the same direction? I tried the direction option, but it didn't seem to work. Maybe I was doing something wrong. I really wnat ot paint a stone block at a time.
5. I'm struggling with the ground for the wadi. How can I make the ground look eroded, sandy and like water has gone through there at some point?

Thanks for any help.
Kind regards,
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