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    Help A Giant Continent Request


    Greetings to All.

    I understand that my request was too much for an unpaid one. So I'm changing the request to a much simpler one:

    I would be glad if someone could merge these two maps. No artistry, no hard work needed.

    Only thing I need is this: These two maps have to be merged (it can be very roughly made, too) , and the white coloured areas in the political map should look like a sea. That's all, if you please

    I've made 2 map sketches, one of them is showing political borders. Each race's country has a different colour (such as Dwarwen countries are grey, Human countries are red, etc)
    Every race has a Capitol Homeland Country. (such as Tervón Empire of Humans and Drúlbarak of Dwarves.)
    There are three Free Countries which deny the whole authority thing and they have no ruler, they have no dominant race. (such as Free Lands of Five Cities, Free Lands of Ekvalor.)
    In the middle of the Inland Sea, there is an island country. This is where the Magicians are being educated and trained. This is much more like a military zone or a massive univercity campus. They're fully independent from any other countries.

    This is the political map.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And this is the map which shows geographical features.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I hope this isn't too much for an unpaid request. If it is still so, I can delete this request completely so don't hesitate to give me feedback.
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