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    Wip Castle Plans

    When I'm not designing dungeons, I like to toy around with castle plans. Here is a design that is a work in process. It is inspired by Restormel Castle in Cornwall, England. This is the ground level. The upper level will contain the living area but I haven't finished it yet.

    Edit: I've adjusted the saturation levels on the grass & ground.

    Click on the image for the larger version:

    The Legend for the castle is as follows:
    1 Drawbridge
    2 Gate (with portcullis & reinforced doors)
    3 Open Courtyard
    3A Starirwell (Down)
    3B Stairwell (Up)
    4 Well
    5 Kitchen
    6 Storage / Pantry
    7 Temple
    8 Storage
    9 Stable
    10 Armoury
    11 Barracks

    Now to work on the 2nd level.
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