My first ever fantasy mapping project. Done from scratch.

I've been doing some character illustrations for the CWBP project, but as it appears pretty much a dead project, I started thinking that maybe I'll try my hands on mapping. My goal is to create a continent wherein I will detail some areas more closely and where some of my character illustrations will be placed. The WIP images here are scaled down. The original is about 3500x2400 pixels in size.

This was the starting point. Just outlining the land masses and detailing water depths.
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Phase 2 was giving the land masses a base look.
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Phase 3 was finishing the rough terrain features of the continent. Some glaciers have expanded into sea which I tried depicting by showing the land mass lines underneath.
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Here's a simple example of one area without downscaling:
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The continent of Cresia is located in the northern hemisphere of the planet. It takes a rough one fifth of the total land mass of the whole planet. The planet has only a slight axis tilt and so the northern areas of the planet are permanently frozen and the equatorial region is uninhabitable due to heat. The areas depicted in the map fall between latitudes that are habitable to humans - burning deserts in the southern areas closer to equatorial regions and permanent mile high glaciers in the northern areas closer to the polar region.

Next steps are to finish the legend, name the lands and create a compass rose. Then I'll detail the regional borders, biggest cities etc on the map. After that I'll start refining smaller areas.

This mapping thing is ... jolly fun! I'd appreciate some ideas and thoughts.