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Thread: Good evening from Europe!

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    Default Good evening from Europe!

    Hi people!

    Well, i'm Azrev, from France, and I just fell on this forum while searching for a map editor. But as the threads I have read so far are very interesting, I decided to sign up and learn more from you (If you don't want me to... too bad! )

    I am not a "cartographer" ( i mean, the only maps I made are on my booknotes from school), but I find interesting to interest myself in many subjects!

    I am not a very participative guy in general, but I love to read whole long threads to see how discussions evolve, so, sorry if I don't post much nor reply quickly to a message!

    Have a good day!

    P.S.: Sorry if I make grammar mistakes, do not hesitate if you want to/ are a grammar nazi to correct me!

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    Bonjour et bienvenue! Don't worry, most of us are hobbyists. We just all love maps

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