Greetings kind cartographers,

I would like to introduce you to my project, Might and Magic X: Children of the Void, which is a nonprofit, fan-based, first person RPG computer game in the style of the famous Might and Magic RPG series. Might and Magic is a lot like Dungeons and Dragons and uses plenty of similar game mechanics. We at MMX are a large non-for-profit development team comprised of 30-ish part time men and women of a wide variety of ages (at least 17 to 38 ), and from a wide variety of international countries, including people from USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We have our home base on Skype in several chat rooms and we are a friendly bunch of gamers who enjoy working for fun on this unpaid, internship-type project.

We are currently looking for a part time cartographer who can stick with this project and make us maps as we go along for the purpose of planning level design, the player's map interface screens, and world maps to publicly showcase. Some of this will involve skill in worldbuilding, and certainly a decent amount of creativity and flexibility. The following are the categories of maps we will require in the future for the game itself:

-World Map (2d high detailed graphic for showcase)
-Regional Area Maps (for level designer and for player's mapping interface)
-Dungeon Maps (for level designer and for player's mapping interface)
-Town Maps (for level designers)

If you choose to apply for this job, you will be working with me as well as the MMX level designers department, the writers dept. and potentially alongside some of the 2d artist team. Here is an example of some of the maps that we have to work with (several versions of the world map, as well as a very rough draft of one regional map that I pieced together):

MMX's History at the Cartographer's Guild
We did have a cartographer for a brief period of time, dangerdog15 from this board, but we lost him due to his life and other obligations. He was a very fine mapmaker and my hope is to find someone as talented as he was. He has not returned yet and I have not heard back from him in a long time. We are in need of a mapmaker to continue development, so I once again return to the guild to ask you guys for volunteers!

Time Constraints
We are perfectly willing to negotiate a deadline based on the artist's personal schedule and availability of free time.

To be discussed between myself, the level designers of MMX, and the cartographer. Should be compatible with RPG-type games.

Quality and Size
We expect professional quality for this map, but realize that even non-professionals can make great looking maps. This will be a matter that is discussed between us and the artist so that we may find a mutual understanding. Ideally, we expect a nice looking map done in high resolution. The exact dimensions will be determined between us and the cartographer.

All artists own their own work, and if you would like to sell your work, I will allow it as long as it is under the category of Might and Magic fan-made memorabilia. (Meaning you may sell your maps on t-shirts, hats, mugs, etc. ala DeviantArt if you wish!)

If interested, please respond to me here, by private message, or by email ( You may also add me on Skype (fallendefender).

Thank you very much for your interest and I hope we will work together soon

Project Leader of Might and Magic X