Just a note to introduce myself. Joined to day, have not yet constructed a map.

Have read widely in Ancient History (including all 32,000 pages of the Cambridge Ancient History). Recently have developed an interest in studying all I can find on the history of the Levant from 10,000 to 500 BC. As part of this I plan, to develop a series of maps showing what is know about the City States in this area over the period designated. When I have done the first one, I will post it.

About me: DuPont: Director of Physical Sciences · Employment: Sep 1963 to Aug 1992 · Wilmington, Delaware
Research in spectroscopy from NMR to UV. Published 120 papers in major journals. Lectured at most leading English speaking Universities. Retired in 1992
Oxford University, B. A., M. A., D. Phil. · Chemical Physics.
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