HI all im making a board game and would like to have my map re-done.

Since looking to spend $35-$45 us via paypal.

This is my map that im using. (I know right, so bad)

This is the style I'd like it done in.

Now on my map its all islands but if you (as the expert) think that it would be better to have one solid continent with countries divided by borders somehow instead of islands then show me how it would look better.

The board is 18 inches x 18 inches so the map needs to be 5400x5400.

Each main country will need to have a tower of some sort close to it as this is a very important part of the game.
Only the main countries need to be named as shown, but if you think the smaller areas would be better with names then let me know and i will give you names.
Each small country should be big enough to hold about 10 soldiers from the risk board game.

You can find info on the game here.

my email is isaiah (dot) lawrence (at) "gee-mail" (dot) com
Subject of your response email should be "Tribes map" or something like that. If you would like to do it but would like to be paid more we can probably work something out.