Hello. I'm a middle school teacher who runs an after school game club. We play Dungeons and Dragons, among other games, and I am looking for a map to support a world building project for my students.

I want to run a group of students through the Dawn of Worlds system (http://www.clanwebsite.org/games/rpg...e_1_0Final.pdf) for collaboratively building worlds. We'll then play D&D in that world. I need a high resolution outline map of some fantasy world but showing continents and islands only. We'll then fill in the geographical and political features. Ideally, the map would be free for me to use and distribute, since I intend for my students to do extensive writing about the world, which we'll then publish online under the Creative Commons license. It would be especially cool if the edges of the continents and islands and the oceans were artistically rendered.

Can you point me to such maps? Anyone have pointers to tutorials for creating such maps? Thanks for any input.