This month's lite challenge is to map a vertical structure. It can be built up or dug down, mapped as a floor plan or a pictorial; map the Tower of the Evil Sorcerer or the Well of a Thousand Dreams, the Wall at the Edge of the World or the Cliffs of Insanity!

The only real rule here is that the subject must have at least 5 "floors".

It's a short challenge, since we're a bit behind due to the holiday (at least in the US) ... the challenge will end on June 17 between 11pm and Midnight, EDT.

As always, to enter you must:
• Start a new thread in this forum with the title May/June Lite Challenge Entry - <name of entry>
• Attach any work in progress images to your posts using the forum Attachment Manager
• Use the tag ### Latest WIP ### before any image you post so that the thumbnail manager can pick it up. It doesn't have to be in bold lettering like I have it but the text must be the same.

All of the current thumbnails can be found here:

Good luck and happy mapping!