Hey there. I've been trying to figure out the climate for my planet before I fill it in with the appropriate environments. I have read a lot of advice on what an Earth sized planet should be like, but can't find any advice for planets that differ.

For example, my planet is about twice and a half the circumference of Earth (5 times its surface area) and it spins a lot faster. Also the gravity acting on the atmosphere is much stronger. Does this necessarily mean that because of the much stronger coriolis effect, there are a lot of hurricanes/cyclones compared to Earth? Maybe even some permanent ones, or an area that is constantly spewing out hurricanes. This might make some areas of the world uninhabitable. Maybe even a lot of the area around the tropics, where the wind would be the strongest? Maybe thunderstorms would be a lot more common at the equator.

Also, the Earth is divided in 2 horse latitudes and the ITCZ between them, with the winds flowing to the ITCZ and the polar regions from the horse latitudes. I have been trying to figure out if my planet would have more than 2 horse latitude-like bands that are progressively colder, because of its increased size?

Can you guys think of what other general climate differences there would be, because of a larger size, higher gravity, higher spinning speed? Maybe the fact that theres a lot more land and oceans on the planet also does something, and there are a lot more tectonic plates. Maybe there are even some climate/weather phenomenoms that are unseen on Earth! That would be interesting. But I am not knowledgable enough on climates to predict them.

Any thoughts?