I forgot to post an introduction, so I guess you could refer to this post as fashionably late.

I am not really a cartographer, per say, though I do find geology quite fascinating. My main claim to fame is in Web development because that is my current major in college while performing computer repair for income. Once I get my Bachelors, I intend to return to school and work towards a PhD in astrophysics. Someday, my hope is to be a part of the mission land humans on Mars.

Aside from computers, I thrive on entertainment such as television shows, movies, and music. My favorites include The Mentalist, Universe, House (although it is over, now), White Collar, and a show called Mayday. I love documentaries with a science undertone like "How the Earth was Made" and "Nova." My movie selection contains an expansive variety of genres, but I think my favorite would have to be science fiction/fantasy. I am a sucker for a good disaster flick, but I have yet to find one that doesn't completely cast aside the laws of physics.

One of my latest obsessions is any "escape the room" game. I also love RPGs, but I have high standards for the game masters, desiring one who is meticulous, realistic in his or her story-telling, and reliable. I have GMed a few campaigns myself, but currently I don't have the time to invest in a decent campaign. Perhaps, I will start one after I finish my Bachelors (and before I start my PhD).

Well, I guess that's enough info.