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    Post Fantasy World and Continental Maps

    Introduction and Background: I have been in the process of creating my fantasy world for 12 years, now. I use this world for role-playing games, but I also intend to use it for a fantasy novel that I am writing. I do possess Campaign Cartographer 3; however, it is a little more complicated than I thought. Additionally, I haven't any skill when it comes to gauging scalability. I have a basic map with shapes of the continents, but I discovered that it is much too small (that scalability issue of mine!) and not detailed enough. I would much rather request that it be done by someone who knows what they are doing.

    Deliverables: I would like one world map and then separate, more detailed maps for each of the major land masses.

    Map Descriptions:
    1. World Map

    This world is an Earth-sized planet (approximately 12,500 miles around and 12,000 miles from pole to pole). As I mentioned before, I have a basic map, which I will attach to this post. I am not very good at creating things like plate tectonics, weather patterns, or other such factors that influence land/sea formation. I was hoping that I could describe the land/ocean features I would like, and then the cartographer might derive the factors from those descriptions and whether or not it is possible. If this is not acceptable, let me know, and I will attempt to supply said information.

    1. Continental Maps

    For each of the large continents, I would like a closer view with more detailed landmarks.

    Technical Details

    I've given my world the exact dimensions of the planet Earth to make things easier. The dimensions of the world map should be approximately 2000 pixels x 1000 pixels, and each of the continental maps should be approximately 1200 pixels x 900 pixels. I have a difficult time estimating things, but I know I would like a fairly high resolution for these maps. Again, my interpretation of scalability is really bad, and I am hoping that the cartographer might be able to help me determine it. I would like the format of the file to be able to retain quality, so I think a PNG or TGA format would be best.

    Copyright Issues

    I will be using these maps not only in my RPG campaigns but also in my novel; however, the cartographer will get full credit and any necessary royalties (if there are any) for it. I guess that would be reproduction rights?


    This is the style I would like for the continent maps:

    This is the style I would like for the world map:


    I have very limited means, but I realize the effort and resources it takes to create maps. I was wondering if someone could give an estimate as to what this kind of project would cost, so that I could either save up the money or make some kind of payment plan (with the last payment coinciding with the completion of the project).


    You can contact me via this forum for now.

    There are no time constraints and no deadlines. I have attached the original map jpg along with some notes on the features I would like and a comparison picture for one of the features.

    Thanks for your consideration!
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    Clarification - I assume you mean an equatorial circumference of about 24,500 miles, not 12,500?

    Sounds like a fun project - I have neither the time nor skills to tackle it, though.

    Note that if you have plans to publish novel(s) on paper, the indicated style would be very expensive to print.

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    Thank you for the clarification. The 12,000 was from North pole to south pole and you are correct, 24,500 miles is supposed to be the circumference.

    For the novel, I believe it would not be as big. The size is mostly for my own reference, so that I can navigate around it myself.

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    Found a cartographer! Thank you!

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