Hello brilliant map makers! I make animated maps for television documentaries. Normally these are based on satellite imagery. (Here are some examples: ) For my current project, however I need an illustrated map. This would mainly featuring Europe, but stretch to the Caspian Sea in the East, Greenland to the West, North Africa in the South and to the top of Norway in the North. I will need to zoom in close enough to see features such as Gotland in the Baltic. This image will become the base of a texture I will use in a 3D animation application.

With this in mind, I'm thinking of a scale of approximately 60 miles to the inch. So I think the final would be around 30,000 pixels.

City names are not essential, but if you wish to choose a font and add some text great, but this would need to be on a separate layer which I can use selectively.

The Map will need to be delivered to me in a digital raster format, either tiff or psd. At this resolution I understand it may need to be output in tiles. I can supply ftp details for delivery.

I don't mind if you prefer to produce it with good old pen and paper (or the other tools of your trade) but I will need a high quality, digital

I have already shown my client some examples from the Cartographer Guild Galleries. In particular he likes the colour and feel of this: http://www.cartographersguild.com/al...chmentid=43273. But I'd like to hear from anyone who has examples quality work in a similar style.

As for the detail, the map obviously wouldn't feature small details like buildings, or even cities. It would be lovely to have some suggestion of mountains and other geographical features. Bear in mind that this is for HD TV and some very small details can produce a lot of unwanted noise when viewed in video.

Now for the hard part:

The fee: I have £500 UK Pounds for this. This would include one opportunity for my client and myself to give detailed feedback on the map and for you to make changes.

The schedule: This has landed on me quite quickly and I need to get moving. I need to have some bit of reference artwork I could use by the end of Monday June 4. I don't mind if this is a rough sketch but it would need to have the same proportions as the final image. You could then have another week to complete and deliver the map.

Copyright: My client is a major broadcaster and insists on full ownership of material I deliver. You would not retain copyright over the materials. However, once the project has been transmitted you are very welcome to show it as an example of your work, and I can supply you with final animated video clips.

Assets: if you require I can supply you with vector outlines of all landmasses and rivers in an Illustrator format.

So please post some links to your work. I can't draw a decent line to save my life, so whatever you've got I'll be impressed. But please be professional or willing to work in a professional way. This is my livelihood and I need to be able to count on you.