My name is Keith Pogue and I have been lurking around this site for a few years. I have used hand drawn and painted maps for my rpg campaigns for years, but decided to try some better looking maps.

I have hit a bit of a rut in my gaming campaigns and wanted to breathe some frsh ideas and life into my games. A friend suggested I start drawing some maps to get things rolling and it has helped. My maps look pretty poor compared to the quality around here, but I have already picked up some ideas on making them faster and look better.

Other information about me:
I'm old - I started playing D&D in the mid 70's.
I Coach and Teach at the local high school.
I'm married with 4 kids.
I enjoy sculpting and painting miniatures.

Finally, I am often playing around with gaming stuff when I should be doing something else. For example, right now I should be working on practice plans for our summer camp!

Take care,