The elegant tower of master Elarion was a familiar sight on the outskirts of the city. There, the famed mage studied the arcanic secret of flight and air elementry, financing his research by supplying the nearby city states and rich merchants with prized airships.
Until this fateful day when some kind of magical mishap happened and the tower started to collapse. Up. In slow motion.
Surely, say the neighbouring villagers, the Gods had punished Elarion for his arrogance in tempering with the laws of nature and unlocking secrets that men were not mean to know. Then again, the said the same thing when Borald, famed inventor of the Moonshae islands chilli-dogs, died of food-poisoning...

So, the idea is to make a mage tower except that the floors are no longer connecting and instead floating above one another, slowly drifting up in the gentle summer wind.
I am not exactly quite sure how I'll manage these effect. My idea is to use the previous flood as background for one above it, shrink it down and blur it a bit... Not sure how it will turns out... (and if anybody has a better idea, I'll be happy to hear it).

Anyway, here are the WIP so far...

Starting with the ground floor so far (this part is still where it belongs) with the entrances and store rooms.
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Name:	Floating tower- 1st floor- Stockrooms - Copie.png 
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And the second floor, where the workshop is located (the Northernmost part of this floor, where you can see the heavy metal plates, is where the forge is supposed to go).
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Name:	### LATEST WIP ### Floating tower- 2nd floor- Workshop.png 
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As of right now, I haven't started the other floors (the third one will be the mage's private quarters and library, the 4th should be the enchanting and alchemical labs and the last one will be the the launching area for the flying ships).
I have not started on landscaping the area surrounding the ground floor...
As for the furniture, but I am planning on pillaging the dundjinni forums as usual, I believe it's allowed by the contest rules.