I have recently become enamoured with creating realistic (hopefully!) climate models for my fictional worlds. While it is fun to do so by hand using tutorials like this one, I would love to have software to assist me in this. Is there such a program?

I have looked at Fractal Terrains, but its "climate model" does not simulate atmospheric currents or oceanic currents - so it really isn't much of a climate model to speak of, and the climates it generates are very unrealistic (no deserts, no differences in climate between west coasts / east coasts of continents, no rain shadows, and so on).

There is a program called EdGCM (Educational Global Climate Modeling), but that one only works for Earth. You can't use any maps / elevation data sets of your own with it.

A search told me that a guild member was planning to create a realistic climate model program a few years back, but it never got past the alpha stage.

So, if anyone knows of some software, I would be very grateful.