We've released a test version of the Vintyri ™ Symbol Set 2 for CC3.

Where's Vintyri Symbol Set 1, you might wonder.

In doing the CC3 conversions, we decided to start with No. 2 because it's the biggest and by far most useful of the five collections. The other four will follow.

Vintyri Symbol Set 2 consists of 15 catalogs. Right now, 13 of them are available. At the last minute, I pulled two catalogs with wood shingle roofs, because a slow-reporting tester just reported some flaws today that I wish to fix. I think I'll have those two catalogs available by week's end.

Right now, there are 13 catalogs available with a total of 300 raster symbols at 354 MB. In addition, there is a temporary installation guidelines booklet available which is important to read before installing, critically important if you have City Designer (TM) 3. I'll replace it laster with better quality documentation.

If you have comments, criticisms, error reports, etc., we're thankful for your input. I suppose you can post them here, or you can send them to:


This is a collection of full-fledged CC3 symbols rather than simple conversions of the previously released symbols for Fractal Mapper™ 8 and Dundjinni™. The symbols have these properties:

• The three basic CC3 resolutions very low, low and high. The fourth resolution, very high, will be offered as a separate download after testing is completed. (The smaller miscellaneous objects and structural parts catalogs already include symbols with very high resolution.)

• Smart symbols with smart tracking.

• Global Sun shading.

• Integration into City Designer™ 3 in the CD3 Bitmap A category.

• CD3 Demographic Colors.

The catalogs do not:

• Include symbol collections.
• Include connecting symbols.
• Have CD3 random street integration.

The catalogs are in separate download groups so that you can take only what you want. You also can view the complete catalog content online before downloading.

Everything is released free for personal and commercial use under the Open Game License 1.0a.

To download, go to:


and follow the link at the top of the page.

That's it.

Mark Oliva
The Vintyri Project