Hi there everyone.

I have started to run a game over at Salroth and have put these two examples of the work - still in progress; that this site and the tutorials here have given me the impetus to produce.

Far from perfect I know, but this is very much work in progress.

Here is the world map, produced automatically in GIMP and a couple of layers added on top to indicate frozen polar regions.

Have to admit that it is very bare at the moment, and there is much to add - but this will be covered when I start getting down to the regional mapping. I'll probably work on that tomorrow.

Next up is the village / small town of Vinholm.

Again I know it's bare, but this was created from scratch in photoshop. For those that remember Homlett from the Temple Of Elemental Evil campaign from TSR, I intend to use this village as the base centre for the players in my game.

Where I struggled with the "height levels" is that I think I have made the colours too close together, though I have been a bit bolder in this version.

Well other than adding more stuff into the maps, what do you think for first efforts (and they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks).