Ok, I give up and am breaking down to ask for suggestions. I've been attempting to create the world map for my campaign world using Photoshop but I never seem happy with the resulting continent structure (it always seems to be too squarish / blockish).

Summary of the World Map:
* The world is composed of 2 main landmasses at a 75% / 25% split in size (thus one land mass is 75% of the total planet's land mass).

* The larger land mass is divided into 2 continents. Each continent is an empire and they have been at war for thousands of years (Giants vs. Dragons). I want the land mass to be designed in such a way as that there is a failry large border between the the 2 empires (so I am thinking a north-south border). Older revisions had a relatively small east-west border (along the lines of the US-Canada border) but it made it very difficult to explain why say a giant from northern Canada had a beef with a Dragon from southern Brazil.

* The smaller land mass is 1 continent/empire and generally far enough away from the other continent to not be threatened (out of a dragon's typical flight range).

In Real World terms the 3 continents break out to be composed roughly like this (not counting Antarctica):
* Continent 1 = Eurasia (40%)
* Continent 2 = South America + Africa (35%)
* Continent 3 = North America + Australia (25%)

The problem I am having is envisioning and portraying the continents to create the desired effect. I basically keep ending up with 2 somewhat rectangular looking landmasses.

Here is the last attempt:
Click image for larger version. 

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As you can see, the main continent looks like a block. The smaller continent is too large, and I also don't like the Rorschach effect that the smaller continent looks like a face.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to set up the continents to look more natural? Any suggestions at this point would be helpful.