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Thread: Mayhill, Capital city of Akron, Cresia

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    Default Mayhill, Capital city of Akron, Cresia

    This is a continuation of this thread.
    This is the capitol city of Kingdom of Akron depicted on the region map on that thread.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is the first city map I've ever done (digitally, that is). I've spent nearly 35 hours doing this - most of the time spent finding the ways with which I would do the trees, fields, houses etc. Everything is done from scratch in Photoshop. Now that I've built myself an arsenal of buildings and found ways how to do the fields and woods, the next city map should be much more easier.

    Design principles for the city itself:
    * think 800 AD European environment
    * the city has not been a capitol city for long, the main castle by the river was formerly a castle of the region's count and now serves as the king's seat
    * to accommodate additional demands of the city's new status, a keep was built recently to house soldiers and horses of the cavalry
    * the country is not known for it's architecture, simple and functional structures are favored instead
    * the city has not been planned in any way and there is still yet no authority to supervise or decide how the city expands
    * population is around 5000 or so - this is a big population center and the biggest city of the whole country
    * the riverbanks are somewhat underdeveloped for a reason - there are yearly floods that have been hard on buildings on river banks
    * the city is not a religious center - there are no cathedrals or big monumental religious buildings
    * city has attracted some nobility who have built their mansions here

    I'm looking for feedback on whether I should desature the colors, should I include descriptive texts etc.
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