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    Map The world of Aran

    Hello guys, i made this for a game i'm working on (If you want to see the whole project, there's gonna be a website whenever we can, i'll post the link here ! Some of my 3D works are also on the Blender Clan forum, i got the same nickname here)

    Note : The whirlwind/vortex on the map is a place where water flows down under the world and flows up again to form the sky, and then falls down in rain... a bit like toilets.

    Title : The world of Aran

    Size : 1494x1321 px

    Approximate working time : 8-10 hours ( i had to learn the whole thing...)

    Price invested to get this result : $0 (Okay, i had to buy a computer, a Wacom tablet, rhum and tobacco...)

    Experience in cartography before : None

    Number of porn videos watched after working : 27

    Huge mistake i could not fix : Rivers are flowing from one sea to another, forming a lake...huh, wierd ^^

    People who gave me advices : My dad, my best friend, the Blender Clan forum, I'd like to say the Cartographer's Guild, but i posted my map almost finished so...

    Tutorials that helped me the most : This guy rocks.

    Do i allow people to use my map ? No, but you can wank on it if you think it's sexy.

    Do i allow people to show my map as a poor example of what can be done in cartography ? Yes, only if you include my name.

    If you want to see the whole WIP : Go HERE

    Thanks for viewing !

    Pierre Lefebvre, French cook student

    Click image for larger version. 

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