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Thread: Hey, I'm new

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    Default Hey, I'm new

    Hi, I'm John. I've been making maps for maybe a year now for a fantasy world I use for "Dungeons and Dragons". I'm not very good at it and look forward to learning as much as I can to get better at it.

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    Then you came to the right place to learn all things mappy

    Check out the Tutorial forum for ways of doing things, then post a WIP (Work In Progress) in the appropriate WIP forum. Don't be shy about asking questions or for suggestions. We are here to help you create great maps (might take time and practice) and we offer really good advise if you want it. The atmosphere here is open and friendly and the comments and critiques (C&C) are given with the idea that they are to be helpful. Remember, you are going to be developing your own style, not to mention vision, so feel free to take what you feel is useful and let the rest be.

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