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    Wip Everwyld in progress

    Here's my first attempt at a map for a campaign I'm working on. I was mostly just testing everything out to see how it would turn out so far. It's hand drawn obviously, scanned in and manipulated with photoshop. Comments? Suggestions?
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    Looks good. I like the mountains. Nothing like a hand-drawn map to integrate features like that. Nice compass too.

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    I like that a lot.

    The mountains work well as an impassable barrier, but if you're planning to have any settlements or passes there you might need to thin out the density a little to make them visible...

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    Nice, simple and effective. I particularly like the slight perspective view of the river. What is the scale of the map?

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    I like your map, but I am curious about the Scale of the map as well.
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    Oooo Pretty!

    I like it. Hand drawn maps have such character, and this one is well done.

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    thanks for all of the replies! As for scale, from the west side of the map to the east edge is about 500 miles.

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    I too love handdrawn maps... and you've done quite well in nailing that ... with your style you might be interested in hapimess's tutorial on mountians and make your mountains show some real definition ... something of that style I think would really add a nice touch.

    Though this is hypocritical of me because I clearly don't do it on all of my maps... tho I try too for a finished map. I'm a big believer in scale... the scale of a map is every bit important as the map itself... (for the most part).. and throwing up a line with 'xxx miles' really sets the scope of what your looking at ... there are definite acceptions to that rule of course... but I thought I'd add that in for its worth..

    I look forward to seeing more maps or an updated map so keep'em coming
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    I rather like the map. To me, it looks like something the characters themselves might possess. I look forward to seeing more.

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