Hey guys, been a while since I last posted here, but just got back into a DND game after a long time off and I am taking the opportunity to update the groups map.

It is a pathfinder game based upon the Adventure Path Kingmaker (but this is set in FR Tethyr)

Hence as part of the kingdom building process it needs to be very clearly hex gridded.

Below are my check images confirming I was reading the original map correctly regarding different regions and locations

Full area map, showing terrain types
Click image for larger version. 

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Current zoomed in Kingdom area, showing areas explored, and other items of interest
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Name:	Zone and Label Check.jpg 
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And this is where I have currently got to with the map.

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The main problem I am having is trying to work out how to make the boundaries look a bit more natural without resorting to blurring the boundry so much that it is no longer clear what terrain type is which. (Also not that happy with the lake)

Any thoughts on how to develop this further?