Hi everyone,
After testing out different styles and tutorials, I have settled on the following...at least for the moment...

I have used some brushes and techniques by many people from CG and they deserve the credit for the brushes and my thanks. Unfortunately I can't remember who actually made the brushes, but thanks al lthe same. Using Photoshop CS2.

As this is a WIP, I'm asking for guidance primarily on the 'desert' sections of this map- not the mountains or steppe (both of which are really just placeholders at the moment and brushes I have used).

The 'desert' consists of rocky areas and sandy/duney areas, plus a few settlements. Some specific questtions:
Firstly, does the brush I've made for the rocky areas look okay? Does it convey that they are rocky desert? Any ideas how to improve this- either techniques or whole new brush required?

Secondly, the same question, but for the sandy desert and dunes? I'm no artist, so my attempt at dunes is not very good.

Thirdly, how do the settlements work or not work? There are a few slightly different icons used, plus a borrowed palm tree brush (thanks).
I think these need a lot more work to look good, so any suggestinos why they don't really work at the moment would be great.

Lastly, any comments on overall style/look of the map.

Thansk for all your help,
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