Not a work of art, but for the longest time I wanted to do a couple of things. 1) recreate but improve on the classic Judges Guild campaign maps and 2) make a campaign map based on the real world where I live.

So I did both in this map. Based on Judges Guild hex grid to create a useable campaign map. It is based on real world and is to scale with the standard 5-mile hexes at 255 miles wide by 165 miles high. I added muted color to the standard elements. The mountains are the most divergent from the original JG maps. Their mountains were pretty bad. Here I used a set that is hand drawn and fits well with the spirit of the original JG maps I think.

Click image for larger version. 

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Mountain brushes belong to Schwarzkreuz posted here in March.

Swamp is standard off a Map of NJ. Forest repeating pattern I made on PS but is based on standard.

Population centers are square cities and JG style village symbol.

Not finished. Will add text and castles/keeps as in original JG.

Spent 6-8 hrs on this so far. (Mostly thanks to using Schwarzdreuz's elements)