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    Wip Plateau Country(WIP) 1st map

    Hello Guild!
    1st map posting here, so I would appreciate some feedback. Basically the map depicts a lightly populated steppe plateau realm that in its southern reaches is dry and gets more lush (true grasslands) the more north and west you go. To the south lies a major river valley that is densely populated, and made very habitable by irrigation farming, but is dry around it (Colorado river valley?) and is marked by a serious elevation change. It has two major Ridge Lines (Think Rift Valley) separating it from the Plateau Realm above. Does that ridge line make sense?

    Really a WIP. I have not colored it yet, as i am constantly changing things. The big gray globs are Forest/Tree Clusters. And I know my Mts suck, for now, but I have much better ones on a different section. Take a good look at that massive seasonal lake/Swamp and the rivers entering and exiting it. I need a good river police analyzing(eh...that does not sound right ) . The River marked outlet #2, that looks like a wadi, is seasonal and only flows when the seasonal lake overflows. What ya think? Is that possible?

    Couple rivers disappear into the desert in the east and are really wadis too.

    I have not put any man made stuff on the map, and will not until I get the geography just right.

    I am imagining a warrior steppe people living above on the Plateau, with a civilized advanced farming people in the Southern River Valley. The Ridgeline is suppose to be a serious hindrance between the two realms, we are talking an elevation change in some cases of 2000'. Several key choke points are/will be utilized by the civilized valley dwellers to keep the Steppe Barbarians out. Well, I hope you get the idea of things.

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