Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a little help, I'm writing a fantasy book and I have created a rough sketch of the world map that my story is based in.

A continent for dwarves, continent for elves, continent for humans and a continent for an unknown race - All very cliche i'm sure but I will soldier on.

What I need help with is I m trying to complete a list of buildings I would likely find in my human continents capital. The continent has nine nations, eight of which have been dominated over time by one Imperial nation. The Imperial nation are very similar to the British in looks, speech and culture and the way in which they conduct themselves internationally.

I want to include a variety of buildings from Roman, Medieval and later periods of European history. They have basically done everything technologically pre industrial revolution, but medicine, printing and mass production are still a long way off yet. A sort of 17th Century UK - I think, well if my history was better I could be more specific.