As the title states I have an idea for a mega continent, much like Pangaea. However I am not skilled in making maps on the computer only hand drawn ones. I am hoping that someone on this site would like to work with me or use my idea and make one with their own flare of creativity. I am currently lacking a working scanner as mine had an unfortunate accident of ending up playing the role of a cushion in order to break the fall of one of my friends. As such I can't upload my hand drawn version to use a reference, but all that matters is that it is a super continent (it can have a few small islands doted around or near, preferably) and that at its center is a massive desert called "The Sand Sea" with an oasis city at it's center. This is for a Pathfinder game I am running but later on will be the world map for one of my future novels (whether or not it gets published is not up to me....unfortunately).
I hope someone or some people are interested in working with me and lending me a hand and full mentions and credits will be made for those who do assist. If any require compensation as this is technically a commission request I am sure we can work something out, but I hope to avoid that as I have extremely limited ways of paying electronically. ("I'm BROKE!" Is what I am trying to say )
Also I am new to this site and by new I mean I have only been a member for less then an hour as I am typing this so bare with me please if I am a little unorthodox and if I messed up the prefix for this thread, thank you.