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    Default Kizik - city map

    This is a city map I've worked with lately. It is a map of the city Kizik, also known as the Krugian Lock. It is a very strategically important city that guards the entrance to the Kizik river that leads into Krug from the southern Illyrian lake. The map is done in CD3 from profantasy and have been edited in Photoshop quite heavily. The border and labels are all done in Photoshop.

    The map has some numbers, but no explenation to them, that is because I couldn't make them fit in to the map. So here is a short key to what they are, for those interested:
    1. Monestary
    2. Northern entrance and a temple in the northern part of the square
    3. Governors house
    4. Fishermen village
    5. Northern inner port.
    6. The Kizik keep that guards the canals that connects to the inner bay and the Kizik bay.
    7. Temple
    8. Southern garrison
    9. Temple to the warrior god, the Krug main deity
    10. southern inner port
    11. Main external port
    12. Monestary
    13. Fishermen village
    14. Outer keep and protector of the Kizik bay.

    That is about it, I hope you like it
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