OK, so Larb's Thread has prompted me to finally redo my old map of Britannia (the setting of the Ultima games). This also presents an opportunity to put my new wang tile based stippler to use.

Finally, I've also tossed together a rune font of my own in Fontforge. I printed out some boxes with baselines, wrote each rune about 3 times with a Sharpie (B took several extra), scanned it, traced it, picked the best and loaded it into Fontforge. I don't really know much about typography so it's not the greatest font ever, but it works for me.

So, to start, I traced my old map in QuantumGIS and started making some revisions. In particular I've increased the forest cover, largely inspired by the UO map, and because it just makes more sense to me that way.

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Then I used openJUMP to convert to WKT format, and hacked up my stippler to read in the data, put together some placeholder tree and mountain symbols, and set the thing running.

After adjusting the line features slightly in Inkscape, I got this:

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There's loads of work still to go, but I think it's a pretty good start.