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Thread: 1st Map

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    Post 1st Map


    Sooo here it is.

    7.3 MB / .jpg 4942 x 3342 px

    Some stats:

    16 Regions & Capitals
    140+ Towns
    50+ Cities
    30+ Major Sites (Points of Interest, Caves, Medium Dungeons, etc)
    25+ Fortress (Castles, Towers, )
    10 Ancient Ruins (Large Dungeons)

    ... and countless adventures

    ========================OOOO====================== ==

    Inspired by the amazing Saderan tutorial done by Tear, and my need to have a map for a future rpg campaign...

    .. i've just made my 1st map (still WIP)

    Saderan's style looks almost exactly the same feeling i wanted for this setting.

    - original psd is almost HUGE (4800x3200 px)
    - few rivers: well, yeah.

    Next steps:
    - markers (city, towns, names, etc);
    - regions, kingdoms, etc;
    - some mods (darker areas, maybe a few swamps, deserts..)

    Obviously, feedback is appreciated.

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    Looks like a very promising start. I've never been able to really get the hang of these kinds of tutorials.

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    For some reason the map looks a bit "fuzzy". I'm not sure why exactly (being a GIMP user I've never had the opportunity to attempt this style), but if you could find a way to sharpen the detail I think it would be a great improvement to the map.


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    Thanks for the feedback

    Today i've added some textures, brushes etc to create some detail.
    I think the forest is fine, but mountains have some sort of "wrong" feeling. Still experimenting...



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    The mountains do seem a bit floaty, for lack of a better term, LOL.

    Heckuva first map however! Nice work. Liking the forests.
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    those forests are really nice (the swampy bits too), though mountains- using the saderan style as well as individual mountains 'brushes' - seem odd.

    great work for a first map
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    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

    Yes, i guess i have to rework mountains, erase the brushes and make more elevation, using the terrain layer itself to create mountains instead brushes.

    I'll post more soon...

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    It looks very good and it seems you've got a pretty good plan for what to do next! I'd consider making the snow terrain border sharper/noisier since snow tends to end quite abruptly and doesn't really "flow" into other terrain types. Aside from that, cool ... and the trees are nice too!

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    Looking spiffy! I love those mountains and forests. The colours be pleasin' to me eye as well.

    Just one detail: Some of the rivers seem a tad angled in some segments. Some smoothing would fix them right away.

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