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    I'm in the middle of planning a Cyberpunk RPG campaign, and just discovered the wonders of GIS mapping for working with modern or near-modern maps. I had originally mapped it out using Photoshop, but the result wasn't exactly what I'd call 'good', and I needed to change it around anyways after me and my co-GM decided to change things around a bit.

    Anyways, I discovered Quantum GIS earlier today and banged out a new map for my campaign in a few hours, and it looks much better, more professional. It doesn't have any labels or anything because I'm using Obsidian Portal's mapping system, which allows us to put pins on the map which can either lead to a link to a new map or just a bunch of information about the pinned item.

    Here is the current version of the proper map:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2050 United States.png 
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ID:	45741

    While I rather like it, it doesn't scream 'cyberpunk', so I made an alternative version, too:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	US 2050 Cyberpunk.png 
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Size:	126.8 KB 
ID:	45740

    You can see how this works in OP's system, complete with pins, here.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't really match the rest of my site design, which you can view here (you can read more about the setting there, too). I might try and make the cyberpunky version more like the site, or I might try for a different style altogether.

    EDIT: Oh, and while this is only the US to begin with, I'm likely going to do some mapping of Europe as well at the least eventually.
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