This is another of the eleven free cities around the mouth of the river Kelerion. It is the second I am mapping after Eryemiré. The map is here in the same scale (1px = 2m), as you can see Gwinekoré is quite smaller, although still a respectable city. It is called "City of the Pact", because it is the seat of the "council" which gather the representatives of all the eleven free cities. It is by no mean a central government though, more like a defensive league. The eleven cities are usually able to coalesce against external enemy, but besides that are independent and even prone to make war on one another. All the same, the council can occasionally serve as a relevant forum of discussion even in internal matters, and its presence brings luster and money to an otherwise relatively minor city. In fact, Gwinekoré was chosen as the seat of the council because of its being relatively un-threatening to the other cities, in addition to its position, central and on an island (therefore not easy to attack from the land).

Unless I get unbearably bored I plan to do all the eleven cities in the same style.

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