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Thread: Tendencies in Style and Form of Maps on CG

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    Post Tendencies in Style and Form of Maps on CG

    Hi, I realised a while ago that some tutorials (Sederan) and map-makers have a massiv influence on a variety of styles here on CG.
    Most of new users got directed to the Sederan Tutorial which is realy in fact a rewarding quest to take, with a good looking result even for beginners. In my own early encounters here, around last October, i didnt know anything about map making styles and was doing all from my own imagination and did a lot of wrong rivers etc.

    Soon after my Arden Map, which was a Project for my MA Communication Arts, was finished with the Help of the Guild, i discovered a lot of new ways to do maps; Fullcolor renderings, Treething, Borderstyles, Satelit, Antique, Woodcut and so on. After more than eight Months passed, I did focus on some styles from prominent Guildmembers like Torstan, Sapiento, TheRedEpic, Djekspek and others, enchanted by their wellcrafted maps. Now I think that the important things which make me like their work is that each of them have a unique style and expression. This can not be forced by pure imitations, but copy from old masters was always a way for disciplies to study and find their own way.

    So my question here is to ask, how are you approach the quest of finding your own ways? What have been inspiring you along this road?

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    I started making maps in 2001. Well I started before that but on paper, but it began digitally in 2001. They were very simple things made in paint shop pro 7. I have always liked to draw but I pretty much abandoned my drawing endeavours (beside doodles) until I bought a tablet about three years ago.

    At that point I resolved to learn photoshop properly, having been given a copy of PS CS3. I also wanted to learn to draw properly too. I have never been to art school and haven't taken an art class since I was 14.

    I started by googling. I came across the butch curry tutorials. They are good but I am not fond of the style. I did pick up a lot of photoshop tips though so it was a good thing to follow. I also did a bunch of none-map related tutorials. They were incredibly helpful.

    I do town maps mostly. There is a certain intimacy you get from them that you don't get from regional maps (I have worked through the ascension and sederan tutorials amongst others but mainly because I knew they would teach me new things - In that way I think every single tutorial on the forum is invaluable because you will always learn something new even if it's not a focus).

    I think it is because town maps are closer to the people you're mapping that I favour them I guess. I have always liked the Schley style of maps. But I have also always like those Campaign Cartographer town maps too. So my main inspiration is a mix of the two plus a couple of other sources.

    While the tutorials will influence maps that get posted, what I like most is that anyone who sticks around will gradually develop their own style using all the things they learn along the way. And for people who just want to make one off maps... well they are good styles and they work.

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