Hi, I realised a while ago that some tutorials (Sederan) and map-makers have a massiv influence on a variety of styles here on CG.
Most of new users got directed to the Sederan Tutorial which is realy in fact a rewarding quest to take, with a good looking result even for beginners. In my own early encounters here, around last October, i didnt know anything about map making styles and was doing all from my own imagination and did a lot of wrong rivers etc.

Soon after my Arden Map, which was a Project for my MA Communication Arts, was finished with the Help of the Guild, i discovered a lot of new ways to do maps; Fullcolor renderings, Treething, Borderstyles, Satelit, Antique, Woodcut and so on. After more than eight Months passed, I did focus on some styles from prominent Guildmembers like Torstan, Sapiento, TheRedEpic, Djekspek and others, enchanted by their wellcrafted maps. Now I think that the important things which make me like their work is that each of them have a unique style and expression. This can not be forced by pure imitations, but copy from old masters was always a way for disciplies to study and find their own way.

So my question here is to ask, how are you approach the quest of finding your own ways? What have been inspiring you along this road?