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Thread: Hello from Bellingham, WA and a simple question

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    Post Hello from Bellingham, WA and a simple question

    I'm a retired college prof, recently moved from Western PA to Western WA and loving it. I used to teach a lot of basic earth science (Tarbuck & Lutgens text, mostly), as well as many other geology classes, including, for about 15 years, a general-ed Dinosaur course. I've taught a continuing education class...4 sessions...on dinos here, and would like to develop a class to teach in the future. I'm an avid sword-n-sorcery fan, and have an idea for a short course on "world designing"...based on the premise that understanding some of the basic properties of planet Earth can help a fantasy writer create a more believable planetary setting for a fantasy. However, what I am in serious need of is a blank Mollweide grid...just the lat & long lines, that can be printed on 8.5x11 or 11x17 paper. I've had no luck finding one with a Google search. If you know of one...could you email me the reference or the map at If the course makes it, I'd be happy to share the description of the course and some of the principle ideas I use. And if anyone has a good example of a badly designed alien world, please share that with me also.

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    Welcome to the Guild DoctorDino. Sounds like an interesting proposal for a class. Unfortunately I cannot help you in your search, but I be someone else here can.


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    Someone recently posted a blank grid in the mapping elements forum. Maybe what you're looking for.

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    You might be interested in my thread here, where I post graticules for Mollweide and a bunch of other projections.

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    Welcome to the Guild DoctorDino and good luck with your project!

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