Hello all,

Brought here from the post on the Reddit worldbuilding subreddit, and currently running around in a mad state trying to make myself some maps for a Roll20 virtual tabletop game I'll be DMing soon. I'll need all the help I can get!

I'm particularly interested in sci-fi mapping advice, as the majority seems more of the Tolkien fantasy style. Also, I'm going with hexes (I'll be running GURPS) which adds an extra wrinkle Thankfully, the virtual tabletop will apply hexes to any map uploaded, but it would be nice to build my maps with that in mind.

I usually use Pixlr as my image editing service of choice (its both free and online) but I bought Campaign Cartographer 3 yesterday in a fit of enthusiasm, and then got promptly baffled after finishing the quick start tutorial.

Thank you all for such an interesting resource, and I'll be scouring the boards for tutorials, tips and sympathetic advice.